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Warning New Crisis of Central American Refugees

UNHCR the U.N. Refugee Agency warns of a new refugee crisis mainly affecting women coming from Central America. The media warns of this phenomenon and makes reference to last year when 68,000 cases of unaccompanied minors were detained at the border.
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The United Nations Agency for Refugees has published a statement based on a report “Women on the Run” in which 160 women from different countries in Central America give accounts of their harrowing personal experiences, how they saw their children being killed by ruthless gangs. They explained how they witnessed while their children received all kinds of ill-treatment and humiliations, including being recruited by members of these delinquents. Heart-rending stories told by these women as they had to overcome death threats, disappearances, shootings, rape, kidnapping and murder in their own country.

In a statement on October 28, Univision reported that women from Central America were forced to leave their countries and cross the border to the U.S. in search of peace and security, escaping the brutal and uncontrolled violence of these dangerous criminal groups. Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Mexico are the starting points for this new river of humanity, facing unknown danger on their trek towards a foreign destination.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Gutierrez, appealed to countries in Central America, Mexico and the United States to create awareness and take preventive measures to increase the protection, security and adequate facilities for the refugees.

The warning from the United Nations on this new humanitarian crisis is with the intention of establishing measures and adequate facilities in border areas, to facilitate the identification of persons in need of international protection.

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