Are you eligible for an investor’s visa?

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Many different visa options exist for students, employers, employees, family members and investors alike.

Unlike some other categories of visas, many people do not know about investor’s visas, however. Exactly who can apply for these visa types?

What are the basic qualifications?

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services discusses eligibility for an investor’s visa. First, investors qualify by investing at least $1.8 million into a new commercial enterprise.

This investment can include both equipment and capital, meaning a person can qualify for this visa if they give this amount in equipment, direct asset exchange or a combination of both.

Promissory notes

Fortunately, the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program lets investors put assets toward the $1.8 million through promissory notes as well. It is possible to use personal assets as collateral.

If an individual investor holds personal responsibility and liability for the repayment of a promissory note, then it is possible to use a promise to pay as proof of investment. Note that this promissory note needs to reflect its current value and have a repayment date set no later than two years away.

What about job reaction requirements?

Outside of an investor providing $1.8 million in assets and capital, there is one more step to fill in order to have eligibility for an EB-5 visa.

The new enterprise needs to create at least 10 full-time job positions. Not only that, but the hired employees must show legal authorization to work in the United States or U.S. citizenship.

If an investor meets these requirements, then they may apply for an EB-5 visa.