What is a U visa?

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Unfortunately, immigrants often end up targeted by abusers at work. This often happens because immigrants cannot report things as readily as their citizen counterparts.

However, a U visa may help those who end up in this position to escape from the ills of a violent, dangerous or neglectful workplace.

The purpose of a U visa

The USCIS discusses U visas and what purpose they serve. First, this acts as a way for a person to receive work authorization and related benefits. In other words, it allows a person to work legally within the states, so they do not have to rely on dangerous or abusive jobs.

Workers who have a history of suffering from workplace abuse and workers who suffered through exploitation at the hands of an employer have the ability to apply for U visas.

Reducing immigrant abuse

The U visa program intends to help reduce the overall rate of immigrant abuse. Because of this, U visa holders have an expectation to stand up and report any workplace crimes against immigrants. They also have the duty to appear in court and testify in any case where the court needs them.

This allows workers across the board to help partake in a system intended to help improve the problems related to immigrant employment. In short, U visas serve everyone and not just the person applying for one.

Applying can help sort out any immediate problems or difficulties, so it is a good first step for any immigrant to take when facing abuse at work.