Which family members of citizens could get visas to the United States?

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If you are a citizen, you may be able to apply for your family members to come to the United States permanently or semi-permanently. This could even include getting a green card.

Exactly which immigration benefits could be available depends largely on the relationship. This article will look at a few examples.

Nonimmigrant visas

There are some nonimmigrant visa options for spouses and under-21 children of spouses. You might want to pursue this option in limited circumstances.

This is a relatively rare type of application. The intent was to help families who were waiting too long for other types of visas to pass through the immigration system. However, that process is faster than it was historically.

Fiancé visas

If you are planning to spend your life with a non-citizen, then you might decide to pursue a fiancé visa. These are specific nonimmigrant visas for people who intend to get married in the United States.

If you marry within the time period that the law requires, your fiancé may apply for a green card. If you are already married, this visa would not apply.

Green card applications

Getting permanent residence might also be an option for your family members. The following people might be eligible to receive your help:

  • Siblings and parents, if you are 21 or over
  • Adult or minor children, depending on their marital status
  • Your spouse

Even in these cases when visas are available, this type of family reunification process usually requires patience and attention to detail. There could also be other categories of non-immediate family members that could receive your help, each with a different level of visa priority.