When do I have to replace my green card?

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2023 | Immigration |

Holding a green card is a privilege. It requires that you pay attention to any requests made by immigration officials.

It also expires eventually, which is a date you should note. If you let it expire without properly renewing it, you could face deportation. There are other situations where you may also need to replace your green card.

Damage or loss

If your green card suffers damage of any kind, you should contact immigration officials and check into getting a replacement. It is also imperative that you replace your green card if you lose it or someone steals it. You want to report these incidents right away as they could lead to issues for you down the road. You do not want someone else to use your card and cause complications for you.


If you have any changes, you need to report them to immigration officials and see how it impacts your green card. Keeping immigration officials updated on your circumstances is essential to comply with the rules and regulations for immigrating to the United States. Do not assume a change is small and inconsequential. Make sure that you report everything, including name and address changes.

Immigration changes

If the U.S. changes the green card, you also will need to update yours. You should receive a notice if this occurs and instructions on how to replace your card.

Keeping your green card up to date means ensuring that you replace it when needed. Whether the replacement occurs due to the card expiring or changes, it is your responsibility to get the new card.