Can green card holders work in the United States?

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Obtaining a green card can put you one step closer to attaining citizenship in the United States. One advantage of having this level of clearance is the ability to reside and work in the U.S. while you await citizenship.

The idea of getting a job as a foreigner may cause uncertainty and impact your confidence. However, a great many people have successful jobs as green card holders and you can too.

Following the rules

The process of getting a green card requires careful adherence to specific requirements. Your compliance may improve the efficiency of the process of receiving your card. According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, depending on your intentions for immigrating to America, you will need to fill out different forms. Having someone knowledgeable to help you may prevent mistakes that could jeopardize your approval.

Finding a job

There are many great jobs you could consider doing once you receive clearance to begin working. Some examples may include the following:

  • Foodservice, waitressing and catering
  • Cab driving or working for a ridesharing company
  • Landscaping or lawn maintenance work
  • Beauty and cosmetic work including hair and nails
  • Secretarial work or office assistant

You can also research opportunities in your community to participate in classes that will help you develop and strengthen various skills. As you begin working, you may find mentors who can aid you in your career development.

Regardless of the fact you have a green card, you have the potential to cultivate and enjoy a successful career in the U.S. Maintaining your green card status can help you avoid any legal trouble.