Can you get a green card even with a criminal record?

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Applying for a green card serves as a stressful process even with a squeaky clean record. Once you get to the portion that discusses your criminal history, you may really start to feel the pressure.

Some people can simply pass over this section without any incident. But what if you are one of millions of immigrants who have a criminal record because of various instances back in your home country?

What serves as an automatic disqualification?

Boundless discusses applying for a green card even with a criminal record. They start by pointing out the most important part: always tell the truth on your application forms. If you lie about anything, you may face automatic disqualification if an officer discovers the lie. It is better to risk talking about your criminal history than to lie about it and get caught.

Note that the government does not render all applicants with a criminal record unable to receive a green card. In fact, only crimes related to moral turpitude, aggravated felonies and felonies that involve illegal drugs will automatically disqualify applicants. If your crime does not fall under these categories, then they will conduct a thorough review while keeping your history in mind and make a decision from there.

Ensuring your eligibility

You may also file for a waiver of inadmissibility, so long as your entry into the country does not pose a danger to anyone even with your criminal record.

Of course, more than anything, it helps to have legal aid on your side. They know the ins and outs of immigration law and prove endlessly helpful when you are up against these intricate details and difficult decisions.