What do you know about adjustment of status?

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After a recent trip to the U.S., you want to become a lawful permanent resident. Rather than return to your home country, you want to start the process while on U.S. soil.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services breaks down the adjustment of status process. Find out how to change your status without making an unnecessary trip back home.

Determining eligibility

Whether you qualify for adjustment of status depends on the immigrant category you desire. Examples of green card eligibility categories include Green Card through Employment, Green Card through family, Green Card as a Special Immigrant and Green Card for Victims of Abuse. Once you know which category fits your situation, check that you meet eligibility requirements.

Filing an immigration petition

You must submit an application and immigrant petition to secure a green card. Think about whom you want to petition or sponsor your petition. Depending on your situation, you could petition for yourself.

While filling your petition, pay attention to the timeline you must follow. Before filing Form I-485, you may first need to secure approval for your immigrant petition. Depending on your category, you could qualify to file your petition and Form I-485 at the same time.

Checking visa availability

A visa must become available in your category before you file Form I-485. Your visa availability requirement could have expectations, so check your immigrant category carefully.

Attending your Application Support Center application

After filing Form I-485, attend your biometrics services appointment to complete a background check and verify your identity. Attend your meeting or send a notification if you cannot attend, so you do not receive a Form I-485 denial.

Learn the steps to adjust your status, so you take one step closer to becoming a lawful U.S. resident.