What should I expect while waiting for my green card to process?

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Getting your green card is a process that will require some waiting. Once you get everything together and submit your application, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services explains your case status will change to pending.

During the time it is pending, you may need to make changes or check your status through different processes.

Checking the status

If you want to see what is happening with your case, you can check the USCIS’s website page for processing claims to see the average time it will take. You also can go to the case status page to check your specific case. You will need your receipt number to do this.

You also can submit an inquiry to the USCIS or call the contact center.

Changing your address

If you move, you will need to let the USCIS know your new address. You must report this within 10 days of your move. If you fail to change your address, you will not receive the documents the USCIS sends you. The USCIS’s website has a page where you can update your address.

Traveling while pending

If you need to leave the country while your green card status is pending, then you will need to file a travel application. Leaving the U.S. without letting the USCIS know and without getting the proper documentation will cancel your application because the USCIS sees this as abandoning the application.

You have your green card application submitted so you need to keep on top of things. You could lose all the effort you put into the process if you do not properly follow the rules and stay informed during the processing time.