Still waiting on a spousal immigration petition?

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Compared to some countries, America actually has a relatively straightforward and simple immigration process, especially when it comes to spousal immigration. Lawful permanent residents or U.S. citizens can petition on behalf of the spouse, filling out applications, providing in-person interviews and supporting documents.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest drawbacks is the potential wait time. Spouses may take steps to speed up this process, however.

Avoiding mistakes and errors

Forbes discusses the speed at which spousal immigration cases may progress. The process can end up bogged down for many reasons, with some unavoidable and others not. For example, a spouse should make sure all submitted documentation, petitions, paperwork and materials are fully complete and free of errors. Requests for evidence and denials may occur if paperwork is not up to par, prompting many individuals to hire attorneys to put their packages together.

Do not withhold information, either. Some applicants feel the need to hide information like a spouse’s criminal record, but this can easily lead to delays or even denials of petition if the immigration officials find out, which they likely will.

Order of receipt

Note that spousal petitions often occur in order of receipt. In other words, you must wait for everyone who applied ahead of you to have their cases examined. This often takes months, and can even take a year or more. Approval precedes status adjustment as well, meaning even after approval, you may have to wait before the change to status reflects the situation properly.

Going through this process can feel like a drain on emotion and energy. This is why you may wish to consider consulting legal help.