Winning the 2021 green card lottery is life changing

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Foreign citizens with family members in Texas and other US states may apply to become US citizens on their own merits if they qualify. The diversity visa lottery (DVL), more popularly known as the green card lottery, opens the door for 55,000 internationals annually to become permanent residents of the US. These internationals hail from countries that have traditionally been underrepresented in other visa programs that allow lawful migration to the US. Much like the financial lotteries here in the US, millions of people try to win, but the margin of victory is very slim. However, the names of 55,000 very lucky applicants will be randomly selected by a US State Department computer.

The long journey

Coming to the US through this program entails a lot of paperwork and stamina. For starters, an applicant must have a minimum of the US equivalent of a secondary education or a requisite number of work experiences. If a person meets the initial qualifications for application eligibility, then he or she must interview with immigration officials at the US consulate office in their native countries. They must also submit to an extensive background check.

Completing the process

Applying for a DVL is a highly time-sensitive matter. The program begins accepting applications every year in October and the window remains open for approximately one month. Beginning in May of the following year, winners are notified via the website with their particular registration number. Even if selected, there is still more work to be done. However, for those fortunate few who will receive the green card, their hard work will have paid off. They will be able to permanently live and work in the US. If a winning applicant is already in the US on a work or study visa, he or she can adjust his status. Those 2021 winners outside of the US will be welcomed to their new home in 2023.