New administration takes fresh approach to immigration

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Immigrant families have likely noticed the difference in approach the current presidential administration is taking to immigration issues. The Biden administration is working to undo many Trump-era policies and announced that immigrants guilty of certain crimes no longer face deportation.

New Guidelines

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency states plans to prioritize border security, national security threats, and public safety. In the process, the agency will no longer consider deportation and removal for immigrants found guilty of certain “minor” criminal offenses. Crimes that will no longer threaten the ability to reside in the country include:

  • Minor drug offenses
  • DUI
  • Simple assault
  • Property crimes
  • Tax violations
  • Money laundering

The agency’s acting director added that immigrants charged with criminal offenses but not convicted do not need to fear deportation proceedings. The agency will take the same approach to immigrants with light gang affiliations or gang-related tattoos on their bodies.

The White House press secretary confirmed that certain crimes no longer trigger deportation action. The secretary explained that the administration’s intent with the new measures is not to show acceptance for criminal behavior. Instead, the administration is seeking to concentrate deportation efforts on individuals who represent a safety threat. Immigration experts expect the new policies to reduce the number of arrests and deportations executed by ICE.

Policy Opposition

Not all lawmakers are happy with the new approach taken by the Biden administration. One state representative expressed his dissatisfaction with the plan and explained that more immigrants are attempting illegal crossings through his district now that Biden is president.

The rules and regulations that govern immigration policy in America are comprehensive and complex. An immigration attorney may be able to answer questions people have regarding the process.