Has your green card expired?

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If your green card expires, you might have trouble finding work in Texas. Potential employers could turn you down if you can’t verify your permanent resident status. Fortunately, you can apply for a new green card at any time.

How do you apply for a new green card?

It’s best to renew your green card before it expires. Either way, you’ll file Form I- 60+ to renew or replace your green card. An immigration attorney may help you fill out the form, but even with their assistance, you might have to wait several months before your green card arrives.

In January 2021, the United States Citizen and Immigration Services issued a new policy that allowed people to request a green card extension. When you renew your green card, you’ll get a receipt that you can use until your new green card arrives. However, you’ll only get a receipt if your green card hasn’t expired or expired less than a year ago. Otherwise, you’ll have to request an I-551 stamp that you can place in your passport to verify your status as a permanent resident.

Do you need help with immigration services?

Whether you’re applying for a green card or renewing your existing card, a single mistake can throw off your entire application. You could also comprise your application if you miss the filing date or lie on any part of the application, even unintentionally.

An attorney may help you apply for a green card to become a permanent resident. With legal help, you might submit an accurate application and get your green card right away. You can remain a permanent resident indefinitely, but if you want to take the path to citizenship, an attorney may be able to help you become a citizen of the United States.