The latest update for Dreamers in the United States

by | Feb 10, 2021 | Blog, Immigration |

The term Dreamer comes from the DREAM Act. A Dreamer is a young immigrant who qualifies for protection under DACA. So, what kind of impact does the latest policy updates from the new administration have in store for Dreamers in Texas and throughout the nation?

The current administration’s stance on Dreamers

Throughout their first few weeks in office, the current administration continues working to deliver promises previously made to Hispanic voters. According to USA Today, A few of these measures include signing a directive that protects Dreamers from deportation and an outline detailing massive changes to the previous administration’s immigration laws.

After reinstating DACA, the president’s proposal gives Dreamers temporary protected status. They would also immediately qualify for green cards. Other undocumented immigrants in the U.S. would qualify for temporary legal status for five years, and be put on a path to achieving permanent citizenship.

An uncertain future?

While executive actions from the president provide hope for many immigrants, his rulings aren’t permanent. With that in mind, some groups advocating for Latinos are considering a back-up plan: requesting presidential pardons for about 11 million illegal immigrants. However, certain immigration experts argue that a mass pardon wouldn’t put those pardoned any closer to the path of gaining U.S. citizenship. Some people are calling for amnesty for this nation’s immigrants instead of a mass pardon.

In conclusion, the president and his administration are currently working to undo the current hardships suffered by immigrants in the United States. He recently gave executive orders offering temporary protection for Dreamers. However, many government officials are unsure of what this administration will do to make these protections permanent.