Why do spousal immigration petitions take so long?

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2020 | Immigration |

American citizens and lawful permanent residents who marry a foreign spouse may feel thrilled over the United States’ straight-forward immigration process. The U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident may petition for a visa and LPR status for the spouse. Essentially, the process involves filling out an application, dealing with in-person interviews, and providing supporting documentation. The main drawback for x residents, however, is the waiting period. Thankfully, there might be some steps the spouses could take to speed things up.

Making sure all submitted materials are complete and error-free could help. Dealing with denials, requests for evidence, and the like adds more time to the process. Some prefer to retain an immigration attorney to put the packages together to decrease the chance for errors.

Not everyone realizes how long the process takes, though. Even when doing everything appropriately, the process takes time. The processing of spousal petitions usually occurs in the order of receipt. That means scores of others must undergo processing first. Even after several months pass, the approval preceded a status adjustment. The significant volume of people immigrating to the United States contributes to waiting times.

Withholding information from immigration officials could hamper processing. Some may attempt to hide information regarding a spouse’s criminal record. Doing so might lead to delays. Anyone with concerns about possible problems with a petition may wish to consult with an attorney.

Newly married spouses may not enjoy dealing with convoluted legal steps. Addressing immigration proceedings might seem overly stressful. Regardless, working with an attorney to navigate the immigration system may be necessary and productive. Immigration law might be confusing to those inexperienced with the many rules and statutes.