Deportation of reality TV cast member upheld on appeal

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Texans who are having immigration issues and facing the prospect of deportation have reason to be concerned about what the future holds. The process of deportation can be complex. Keeping track of prominent cases such as one in which a reality television cast member was deported may provide information on what to expect.

The cast member from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” Joe Giudice, appealed his deportation to Italy and received a denial. Giudice had been convicted on several fraud charges including wire fraud, bank fraud and bankruptcy fraud. He was incarcerated for three years and five months, and then he was deported to Italy. He initially appealed prior to being deported in November 2018. In April 2019, he received a denial. He can appeal again.

Giudice is estranged from his wife, who was also imprisoned for fraud and served one year and three months. She remains in New Jersey with their four children. His appeal was denied because he was convicted of committing an aggravated felony. Since the amount of money involved in the fraud surpassed $10,000, it warranted deportation. The argument for having his deportation overturned was that the loans were forgiven, meaning there was no loss due to the fraud. However, the court rejected the argument.

People can face deportation for many reasons, including staying beyond their visa, being denied after filing an application or, as in this case, convictions. While being deported might seem like an insurmountable challenge, there are ways to have the decision overturned. This is true if a person is a permanent resident or has applied for a green card. Before or after the deportation, having legal advice may be essential to the case. A law firm experienced in these matters might be able to help.