What to know about L-1B visas

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Employers that have a presence in several countries may be able to relocate a foreign employee to Texas through the L-1B program. It bestows a special status to a professional with specialized knowledge who plans to come to the United States in an effort to further a company’s interests. If a company doesn’t have an office in the country, the L-1B visa may allow a foreign employee to come to the United States to establish one.

The company that wishes to obtain L-1B status for an employee must be viable and have a relationship with a business outside of the United States. For instance, the office located in Texas could be the parent company of the foreign business or a subsidiary of a company located overseas.

For the purposes of obtaining L-1B status, specialized knowledge can mean a broad understanding of a given marketing or production process. It can also mean having specific knowledge related to a product or service the company makes. An employee who is granted an L-1B visa is allowed to remain in the country for one to three years. After the initial visa period expires, an individual can apply for an extension that lasts for two years. Those who receive the L-1B visa can bring a spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 along with them.

An immigration law attorney may be able to talk more about how to apply for the L-1B visa or whether family members will be able to accompany an individual who receives one. If family members are allowed to accompany a person who obtains a visa, they may be allowed to work in the country.