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There are several visas for foreign investors who want to establish a business in the United States. Depending on the country of origin (the foreign national or the firm applying must be a Treaty Trader qualifying country), the available capital to be invested and the type of business, the Visa EB-5 Immigrant Investor, varies.

USCIS administers the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program created by Congress in 19 60+ for entrepreneurs investing in any lawful for-profit new commercial enterprise established after November 20, 19 60+ .   The investor can also purchase an existing business, that is restructured or reorganized that the result is a new commercial enterprise or expand an existing business increasing its net worth by 40{ 60+ 1159a6a7429584a806995ad39558e169cc2325aba4a356f39b55aa785c6703}.

One of the requirements for the EB-5 visa is that the minimum qualifying investment in the U.S. is $1 million. Another requirement is that this commercial enterprise must create and preserve at least 10 full-time jobs for qualifying U.S. workers within a two year time period. During this two year period the immigrant investor is admitted to this country as a Conditional Permanent Resident.

If the area where the business is to be established is considered a high unemployment or rural area in the United States, then the minimum qualifying investment is $500,000. A rural area is outside a metropolitan area where the population is 20,000 or more.

The purpose of the EB-5 and other investor visas is to give foreign nationals investment opportunities in the United States, at the same time producing employment to U.S. nationals and permanent residents.

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