Immigration to the United States of America history

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Apart from the few remaining descendants of the original settlers, the Native Americans, whose tribes roamed the plains, the descendants of the Apache, Sioux, Cherokee, Cheyenne, Navajo, Arapahos, Black Foot or Wichita’s, are the natives of this country, the rest of us are immigrants. We are all either sons/daughters grandchildren, great-grandchildren and further back of immigrants.

The first immigrants to settle in the United States were from Europe. Starting around the 1600’s most of the British and other European immigrants settled mainly on the east coast. The English Pilgrims came to this nation seeking religious freedom in the New World and established a small settlement in Massachusetts. More than 50,000 convicts from the British Isles were shipped over to America. A steady wave of immigrants continued to arrive from other countries such as Holland, settling along the Hudson River in what was then known as New Amsterdam in the Hudson River.

This demographic phenomenon sometimes so unique and complex in nature is the true basis of how the most powerful country in the world has come to be. The history of how the Spanish speaking people immigrated to United States began in the colonial era; years after the first European ship arrived at what Ponce de Leon called the Florida in 1513.

Spain set up a few settlements in the State of Florida and as part of their conquest, Spaniards moved north from Mexico to New Mexico and Texas. So when we talk of America, it comprises of North, Central and South America, all Spanish speaking countries except for Brazil that speak Portuguese.

Four centuries brought continuous periods of waves of immigrants. The first period of mass immigration to USA was between the years 1820 and 1880 during which more than 15 million people entered the country and settled in different parts of this huge and uninhabited nation. Boats full of men and women escaping hardship and terrible wars.

The 20th century brought more than 25 million young Europeans, travelling by steam ships to this country, without any money or possessions, driven with the hope of a better future. The Italians created Little Italy in New York and the aroma of freshly baked breads, tomato sauces, pasta, pizza and music was unmistakable. Others came from Germany, Greece, Poland, Hungary and 3 million Jews. This experienced labor was the one of the factors that led to a huge industrial evolution in the United States, making it the largest power in the world.

After the end of World War 1 (1918) and into the early 1920’s immigration laws began to change, assigning quotas based on national origins, to restrict to certain countries and to admit refugees from different conflicts around the world. It is opened and closed doors, admitting Jews persecuted by the Nazis and closing doors to an impending wave from China.

Since the colonial era to the present, the United States of America has grown and evolved as a result of the foreign labor introduced by different cultures, languages, flavors, sounds and above all the desire to live free, work hard and triumph in the best country to start a new life.

Communications, international travel and marketing has created that in the farthest corners of the world people are drinking Coca Cola, eating a slice of pizza, watching a western filmed in Hollywood, and wearing a pair of Levi’s and a baseball cap.

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