High Anxiety over Presidential Election Results

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2016 | Blog |

The outcome of the presidential election has resulted in varying reactions throughout most of the main cities in the U.S., especially among the Hispanic community in the states more directly affected by the huge numbers of undocumented residents.

The media, from CNN, to Telemundo and Univision, to local non-profit organizations who cater to assisting the thousands who cross the border from Mexico, have expressed their concern and uncertainty as to what new route the President elect will actually follow.

Programs ranging from DACA and DAPA, H-1B visas, Petitions in process may and may not change dramatically. It is important, however, to note that every resident in the U.S. continues with the   same constitutional rights and cannot to be deported, unless dictated by a judge.

The advice given to the Hispanic community especially and, all other nationalities living in this country, is to request legal advice to see how to proceed in their individual case. Any communication received from the immigration authorities such as USCIS, should be consulted with an immigration attorney.

Now more than ever, speaking with an experienced and licensed immigration attorney, authorized in handling cases before the government agencies and courts, can assure that your case is handled correctly.

There are Notary Publics in the United States, but they are not attorneys and are not authorized to practice law. Meaning they are not authorized to complete immigration forms or provide legal advice regarding immigration issues.