Hispanic Labor Essential to U.S Economy

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A recent study carried out by the IHS forecasts that the Hispanic population is set to accelerate the labor-force growth accounting for 40{ 60+ 1159a6a7429584a806995ad39558e169cc2325aba4a356f39b55aa785c6703} over the next 20 years.

Hispanic workforce is necessary for the continuity and growth of the labor market. Experts in economics have commented that if the immigration that comes from Latin America were halted, the existing labor force could not maintain the demand for workers over the next 20 years.

Several generational factors make this data a concern.

After World War II with the huge increase in population, generations such as the baby boomers are now are reaching retirement age and leaving the labor market. The closing of that generations’ labor cycle leaves a void in the market especially among the non-Hispanic workers and the higher immigration rate would do more than any other policy to increase productivity.

The results of these studies show clearly that the migrant Hispanic population will play a decisive role during the next 5 years where the expected employment growth rate is 40{ 60+ 1159a6a7429584a806995ad39558e169cc2325aba4a356f39b55aa785c6703}.

All the data provided by these studies show that the American economy will be much more robust with the inclusion of the Hispanic labor force, which would also result to increase   employment among the non-Hispanic population.

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