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Changes, reforms and developments within the United States, have placed immigration as a hot issue both in politics and the economy of the nation. The power of the Hispanic vote has become more relevant, forcing the Republican Party to introduce candidates with a Latin origin for 2016.

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The United States of America is a country of immigrants, made by immigrants. In its early history, the U.S.A. was a continuation or branch of England, but soon an explosion of immigrants from Europe and from Asia came searching for the American Dream. They arrived from all over the globe, creating and building what today is still considered the land of possibilities.

Even today, the U.S. is still the country to accept more immigrants. Political and economic instability in other countries and the desire to succeed, has motivated hundreds of thousands of courageous entrepreneurs and workers to leave behind their homelands.

The Hispanic workforce and potential votes has become therefore, a vital argument for politicians of the two major parties. American of European origin represent the majority of the population, followed by the Afro-American population. The remaining minorities come from all over the world but the largest of these minorities are the Hispanics with   Mexico as the country with the highest number of immigrants to this country, in part due to the proximity, and the expectancy is that these numbers will continue to grow.

As a result the U.S.A. is experiencing continuous change and evolution and the Latin influence is affecting already the rhythm and customs of this country. Southern states such as Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, California and Florida have the highest Hispanic population and in cities in Texas such as San Antonio, El Paso and Dallas and areas of New York and Miami, Spanish is used nearly everywhere.

The American Dream lives on in the hearts and minds of many hopeful immigrants who will come to the United States looking for a brighter future and contribute to the economy.

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