Deported Mexicans Allowed to Return to United States to Resolve Status

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It is said that they left voluntarily from the United States from June 2009 until 2014. The reported outgoing or “voluntary return” of thousands deported back to Mexico by migratory forces in southern California.

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Now these undocumented immigrants will be able to return to American soil and submit their cases before the immigration authorities to solve their status and stay in the U.S.

Some 30,000 immigrants that left the State of California between 2009 and 2014 and now are returning. They will have to go through a series of tests and requirements, such as certificates of good conduct, intent to work, financial capacity, permits and paid dues. They also have to prove that they were detained by border authorities of San Diego or by immigration control and customs enforcement in San Diego and Los Angeles.

The information regarding these deported Mexicans was not very convincing as there have been reports of paperwork previously filled out, forms completed and lack of information about the consequences of leaving the country in this manner. Many of the people who will return looking for another opportunity, creates a feeling in the American public of injustice toward the constitutional human rights of these people, who suffered the anguish of deportation without the full knowledge and appropriate assistance.

Thousands of undocumented Mexicans who were deported before 2014 will now be able to return freely and work towards a new future in peace.

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