Houston’s 100K Indian women could lose the ability to work

| Feb 10, 2020 | Blog, Immigration |

People in Texas should be aware of this article that explains the H4 immigration law, hoping to be done away with by the Trump administration. Of the 100,000 women who may be affected, many live in the Houston area and have contributed as doctors, teachers, executives and engineers.

According to Click2Houston, some of those living in Houston would be stripped of their work authorization on an H-4 visa. Born in India but now legal Texas residents, these women have made many contributions.

In late April, President Donald Trump signed an executive order, temporarily suspending some immigration to safeguard American jobs. If it remains in place until the fall, this issue could be part of his presidential campaign.

The narrative is either “build the wall” or “abolish ICE” with nothing in between. Congressional candidate Sri Preston Kulkarni hopes to win the-soon-to-be-vacated GOP-controlled District 22 seat.

The H-4 visa is part of the immigration process. When workers arrive, they are given H-1B as temporary, non-immigrant workers. It is valid for up to three years. After that, they must apply for extensions. If their employer is willing to sponsor them in a lottery-like system, their spouse and children can move here under an H-4. The rules for an H-4 are very tight and have caused much confusion. Highly skilled immigrant families lose the ability to work; the law allows the spouse to accompany their loved one to work, but only one of them can get paid.

Those trying to remain in the U.S. permanently with the ability to work should consult an attorney who specializes in immigration law. With the knowledge of numerous rules and applications, working in the U.S. can be possible.